PSD 2: Developers’ Information

Third party access information to Poštová banka clients' accounts for third-party application and service developers.

Poštová banka provides the following third-party access

Poštová banka, in compliance with legal requirements and PSD2, provides access for licensed payment service providers (third parties) providing an Account Information Service (AISP) and an indirect Payment Initiation Service (PISP), subject to their unambiguous identification by Poštová banka. 

Actual production version

See the API documentation and schema for all necessary information.

If you have any questions, please contact

Information on planned outages will be posted on the Poštová banka Internet Banking login page

Any changes and modifications for TPP access will be posted on

If you fail to follow the steps above, your access will be disapproved. 

Any unlawful misuse of information or making payments from our clients' accounts in a manner other than that specified above, will be notified to the National Bank of Slovakia and the competent law enforcement authorities.